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For me it is important to work together,to know how I can assist you. It’s very important to know your health condition from the beginning.So i can give the right treatment.

I am a professional masseur with 9 years of experience,in massage,zoneterapi,sport massage,cellulite, knot on muscle,massage that you do is combine everything I learned in an hour.

Reflexology Treatment involves increased blood flow which gives the body a better opportunity to be able to separate accumulated waste products. The physical part of the treatment, consisting of the action of the foot reflex zones by pressure and massage.Zone therapy is carried out by pressure under the feet of the so-called reflex zones.

Reflex zones are related to all body organs, including hormone glands, musculoskeletal system (bones,cellulite muscles, tendons) circuit and so on. In addition, pressure on acupuncture points in the meridian pathways that enhances reflexology. Reflexology can be used to treat both physical and mental problems. It is also used as preventive and cleansing treatment and the general strengthening of the body.

Is vital to the functioning of every organ or parts of the body.

Toxic waste in areas reflexes are due mainly incorrect nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, stress.

 How can help you zoneterapi

 The purpose of reflexology is to correct the negative factors involved in the disease process: congestion, inflammation and blood.  Congestive diseases are responsible for the appearance of tumors, inflammatory disorders, for example, sinusitis, colitis, bronchitis, and the pressure weaken the immune system.  Reflexology improves, firstly, the circulation speeds up the removal of toxins and waste in order to prevent harmful concentrations deposition in the liver, intestine and kidney, and reduces pain by stimulating the release of endorphins, natural pain killers produced by the body.


The massage is used for the prevention and relief of pain and soreness in the body. Also used to massage treatments, as a result of sustained load, for example, neck, back and lower back,legs.

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