Ask yourself now.

Bucuria sufletului

It means you don’t know how to be truly happy.

Do you want to be?

If yes, do this.

You can only rely on yourself.

So, what can an individual do?

There is a method that infuses your mind-heart
with the becoming, automatically, just by your simple efforts in using it. You
don’t have to change anything else about your life.

Add the use of the greatest secret human
power. It is a form of super-mindfulness that also engages the ability to
dissolve bothersome emotional tangles.

It works very well for those who give it an
honest try, is free, and even offers group support in many countries. It uses
your own inherent powers to dissolve the inner chains that keep you from being
who you want to be.

Get your head solidly based on rational
principles. Then, the rest of your efforts will yield better results.

You may get several answers that tell you how you should be.
They rarely tell you how to become.

Here are some questions people often ask.

“Why is my life so boring?”
“Why me?”
“Why is life so unfair?”
“What can I do about it?”
“How can I be smarter?”

Just asking the why and feeling cheated keeps a person trapped in those
circumstances and suffering.

The  greatest secret human power released
when the mind-heart is uncluttered. The clutter is the fears, and agendas that
get drummed into most people when they are young.  In the adult, those
operate under cover

If you want to make a change in your life, i am here to guide you.

I invite you for a free session of 30 minutes in order to get acquainted. You can contact me for more information and details by sending me an email to:  monika.efimov@academyforcoach.com, Telephone 0045 50374075.

Monika Efimov Life and business coach.

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